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Accommodation price list

The quoted prices for one apartment or room per a day include VAT.

Prices valid until 4.1.2020.

 4.1.- No. of beds
No. 1, 5
1.170 Kč 1.050 Kč1.350 Kč1.740 Kč3-bedded
No. 3
780 Kč700 Kč900 Kč1.160 Kč2-bedded
No. 7
1.560 Kč1.400 Kč1.800 Kč2.320 Kč4-bedded
No. 2, 8
660 Kč580 Kč800 Kč980 Kč 2-bedded
No. 4
1.320 Kč1.160 Kč1.600 Kč1.960 Kč4-bedded
No. 6
990 Kč870 Kč1.200 Kč1.470 Kč 3-bedded

A client older then 18 years pays to the municipality of Železná Ruda through us a tax 17,- CZK and kids pay 2,- CZK per each day of a stay.
In case of a one-day-stay only, there is an additional fee of 80,- CZK/person for bed-clothes.
If client does not occupy all the beds in the room/apartment, then only the occupied beds are counted pro rata.

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